Worship at Community Presbyterian Church

Members also participate in the services.

Each week a Deacon, Elder, or other member of the congregation leads us in worship. On special Sundays, such as "Appreciating the Gifts of Women," members employ their many talents. Here, Helen Huntley presents a monolog on Emility Dickinenson's image of faith.
Passing the Peace

The "Passing of the Peace" is an important part of each service at Community. We can greet old friends and guests with the "Peace of Christ be with you."

Our Choir

Sally Rehfeldt not only plays the piano for services, but also directs the choir and will soon start a bell choir with bells given to the church as a gift.. The church choir. They backup Jan's sermons with gusto.
Other Music

The Sun Lakes Men's Octet, with Chechi Soto proudly in the group, sings at Community and many other churches in the Inland Empire. Unfortunately, when they sing at other churches, we don't have the pleasure of Chechi in church.
Teenagers can sing harmony too!

Liz Colvin and some of her friends begin spontaneous harmonizing, and it developed into a group that sings in various spots around town. They added to our service by serving up some wonderful 3-part harmony on some favorite hymns.
The Children's Sermon.

The "Children's Sermon" is a highlight of the service for both the children and those of us who like to think of ourselves as children. Even when there are no children at the service, the Pastor uses other members to take their place.
Pastor Jan preaches to her flock

Pastor Jan joins the congregation for the sermon pn Sunday. When she is away, Rev. Matthew George or Rev. Dr. Bill Huntley fill in.
The Pastor's Versatility

When the scripture was about "fools," former Pastor Sylvia and husband Joe Karcher added variety to the sermon by assuming clown personae.

Gifts from Africa

These three members of the congregation traveled to Kenya to participate in a mission activity. You can check out more about it in the "Missions" section of this web site. Here they present gifts to the church given by the Kenyans with whom they worked.
The Social Hall

After services on Sundays, everyone gathers in the social hall to have some coffee and sweets and "discuss" the sermon. Golf dates are usually made at that time too!

Pastor, Jan Opdyke
e-mail: pastorcommunity@gmail.com

Web address: http://www.redlandscommunity.org

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