Pastor's Sermons at Community Presbyterian Church

Beginning with December 21, 2003 we will try to post the sermons. These will be in PDF format, which will require Adobe Acrobat Reader and its plugin in you web browser to read on the web. You can download "Reader" from for free. You may also download the sermon and print it, but you will need "Reader" to do that. There is a direct link to "Reader" on the calandar page.

Date Title Pastor
July 28, 2019 "Trees and God's Plan" Rev. Bill Huntley
August 24, 2016 "Hell, Purgatory and Heaven" Rev. Bill Huntley
December 10, 2016 "Imagine the Wise Men Journeyed from China, India and Babylon" Rev. Bill Huntley
August 26, 2015 "Student Trip to Churches in Japan" Rev. Bill Huntley
August 31, 2014 Moses and the Bush & Jesus Commands "Take up the Cross" Rev. Bill Huntley
March 24, 2013 100th Anniversary Celebration Day Sermon Rev. Jaime Quinones
October 30, 2012 Vetran's Day Sermon Bill Huntley and Veterans.
August 1, 2010 Churches, Cathedrals & Abbeys in England Scotland Bill Huntley
April 12, 2009 Thomas as Found in the Gospell according to John Bill Huntley
August 5, 2007 In the Footsteps of Paul Bill Huntley
April 23, 2006 Mark 6 Bill Huntley
April 23, 2006 Caring for Creation Sylvia Karcher
October 16, 2005 Sermon on Parables Bill Huntley
August 14, 2005 Aeropagus-Sermon on Acts 17 Bill Huntley
February 27, 2005 Incident Beside a Well Sylvia Karcher
February 13, 2005 Letters from Lucifer Sylvia Karcher
Febuary 6, 2005 Salt and Light Sylvia Karcher
January 23, 2005 Marks of a Christian 3: Blessed Sylvia Karcher
January 9, 2005 Marks of a Chrisian 1: Baptized Sylvia Karcher
December 19, 2004 The Real Meaning of Christmas Sylvia Karcher
December 5, 2004 Following Directions Sylvia Karcher
November 28, 2004 Be Prepared Sylvia Karcher
November 21, 2004 Long Live the King Sylvia Karcher
November 7, 2004 Position Description. Sylvia Karcher
October 31, 2004 Always Being Reformed Sylvia Karcher
October 10, 2004 Who Would Have Thought ... Sylvia Karcher
October 3, 2004 We Would Be Building Sylvia Karcher
September 26, 2004 Seeing and Listening Sylvia Karcher
September 19, 2004 Thinking Outside the Box Sylvia Karcher
August 22, 2004 Taking it with You Sylvia Karcher
July 25, 2004 Teach Us to Pray Sylvia Karcher
July 18, 2004 Christ at the Center Sylvia Karcher
June 24, 2004 A Bold Request Sylvia Karcher
July 11, 2004 Making a Difference Sylvia Karcher
May 23, 2004 Easter Community is Powerful Sylvia Karcher
May 16, 2004 Easter Community is Responsive Sylvia Karcher
May 9, 2004 Easter Community, Acceptance Sylvia Karcher
May 2, 2004 The Gifts of Men William Huntley
March 28, 2004 Looking in the Wrong Place Sylvia Karcher
March 21, 2004 It's Not Right Sylvia Karcher
February 29 2004 Having the Answers Sylvia Karcher
February 22 2004 Reflections Sylvia Karcher
February 15 2004 Not submitted for posting yet Jan Opdyke
February 8 2004 Who, Me? Sylvia Karcher
February 1 2004 The Cost of Discipleship Sylvia Karcher
January 25, 2004 Job Description Sylvia Karcher
January 18, 2004 Small Miracles Jan Opdyke
January 11, 2004 Belonging Sylvia Karcher
January 4, 2004 Follow star, bring gift Sylvia Karcher
December 21, 2003 Unto Us a Child is Born Sylvia Karcher
December 28, 2003 What are You Wearing? Sylvia Karcher

Pastor, Jan Opdyke

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