Current and Past Worshipers

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Here is our Addie. Unfortunately she had to move to Montgomery, AL. We miss her.

A Small long ago Choir, Chechi, Dave, Rod, Denise, Pastor Sylvia, Donna and Denise
Our Spirtual Leaders

Pastor Jan, Pastor Sylvia
Pastor Matthew and Rev. Professor Bill

To the right is our long time Secretary Tricia, who has gone to glory

On our 90th anniversary we were able to have descendents of the Trevinos, founding fathers of the church, worship with us. Left to right are Ruthie, Annie, and Olivia.

Ane here on the right we find Jim and Olivia, our AV man and a nurse.
Aaron Opdyke, Ph.D.

Pastor Jan and her husband were able to see Aaron hooded as a Ph.D. at the University of Colorado.

On the right, Jack and Rosalie return to Southern California for the winter. They escape to the East to avoid the Summer
Prayer and Preparation

Bill, left, is caught at prayer and Jenny and Caleb share a tender moment before an IEPF service..
Hey Carlos

Dr. Carlos finds time from his research (and the Calimesa heat) to come to church.

On the right is Thomas. We are lucky he is in Redlands for a picture.
He could be at his house in Jackson Hole, or the one in Menafree, or maybe at Buckingham Palace.
Caroline showing off her happy face. She was the church's first lady when
Hal Hudspeth was the pastor.4 That was 1969-1978.

Caught Geraldine picking up a hymnal before service and a bulletin.
Probably for Matthew. She is Matthew's wife and they are from Sierra Leone"
Chechi is full of questions, but he and Annie are perhaps the first couple of the church. They were married right here more than 60 some years ago, and even though people talk, she wasn't really 12 when he married her. Oh! I told him I had a magic camera that would show him in the afterlife. That's why he is surrounded by flames. He'll believe anything.
Here are Cheryl on the left and Connie on the right. They are our "food" people. Without them we would starve. Cheryl is an artist and Connie a former school teacher. If you need goodies, yell.
Fred and Helen on the left near Lorraine. They really belong to First Pres, but show up once in a while to sing in the choir or worship with us. On the right are Jerry and Michelle, uncle and niece. Jeey taught history and Michelle teaches our Sunday School.
Here are Dave on the left and Eleazar on the right. Dave is our treasurer and keeps us fiscally sound, and Eleazar collects the offering each week. Without him there would be nothing to keep "sounnd."
Dennis and Terry are on the right. Dennis is Annie and Chechi's son. The Soto family used to infest the church like mice.

Caught this picture onf Donna in the social hall showing off a painting and luckily got Molly in the background. Molly was blind and has now passed on.
Here on the left are Larry and Ev. Ev is our weaver, painter, decorator. Larry is our handiman. When anything goes wrong, we call Larry.

When Cheryl joined the church, Bob and Ruth were still with us. She was their niece. Jan did the induction and Connie stood up, too.
LE was a great lady. She was Pastor Sylvia's Mother and with Sylvia's father, Homeer, came from South Carolina to live wtih Sylvia and Joe in Hemet. Both are now gone.

Mandy was one of our oldest memembers. He had been a member of the church since childhood, and it was a great sadness to loose him in 2017.
Here on the left is Heather and on the right is Kim. They are sisters and the daughters of Rev. Professor, Dr. Bill and Helen.
The Pastor Emerita gets her due. Husband Joe fell in love with a baby elephant in Thailand, and the two of them sat down to eat during a busy schedule. I guess if Sylvia is a Pastor Emerita, then Joe is a Doctor Emeritus.
Lorraine came to us from First Pres and sings in the choir. She also fills in for Music Director Sally when she is away. It is wonderful to have musical talent in the church..

Rosemary on the right is Olivia's sister and both are descendents of the founding Travinos. Here she is with Pastors Jan and Sylvia.

Linda and Pat are a Pair. They are both trained medical personell and it is good to have those skills in the church. Pat finds himself responsible for the physical plant and Linda loves to clean. They travel a lot to visit friends and relatives.
On the right Pastor Wu of the Inland Empire Presbyterian Fellowship baptises one of his parishoners, while on the right, Pastor Jan is behind an animated Pastor Quinones at our 100th birthday celebration.
Rod was a member of the church from his childhood on. Then he got married and had kids and we don't see him as often.

Sally is our pianist and choire director. She has come to us after a long association with First Pres
Ryan and Maria and their children are recent Community members, but the Martinez family has been part of this church since its beginning over 100 years ago. Jan recently married them and we welcome them to the congregation.
Here we see Alda and Nandi Dyal Chand. They are living in Beaumont, CA and are long-time Presyterians who have moved to the Inland Empire recently. They have traveled all over the world

Ruthie, who is no longer with us was a faithful servant in the "SHARE" food program the church used to be part of. It was a great program. Too bad it didn't survive.
Suk on the left and John, speaking with Chechi on the right, come to us from La Quita, but really Minnesota and the world. John was career Army and then worked in the middle east as a consultant. Currently they live here from October to April and in Minnesota from April till October. Suk is a native of South Korea.
Here's Olga again on the right. She usually brings her grandchildren to church and they pass out the hymnals, but I guess the kids didn't get out of bed this Sunday.

Ruthie, who is no longer with us was a faithful servant in the "SHARE" food program the church used to be part of. It was a great program. Too bad it didn't survive.
Gavino Trevino and his wife, Diega Vilanueva were part of the original group of Mexican families who came to Redlands and eventually established what was to become Community Presbyterian Church. They donated part of their property at the corner of Webster and Union and the church began meeting in :La Capillita, the little chapel, on the property where the church still stands.

Pastor, Jan Opdyke

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