Manases and Anita Soto Celebrate their 50th Wedding Anniversary

Sunday, August 15, 1999. You would think that after going to the same church for over 60 years, it would not be full of surprises, but something seems to have surprised Anita and Chechi as they entered the sanctuary. Could it be that they saw their family from far and wide occupying almost all the seats on west side?
Yep! That's what they saw, and it was only then that they realized that there was something special going on. A Celebration! Family and friends had come to party. Chechi and Annie had been married at Community (then known as Divino Salvador) on August 13, 1949 by the Rev. Juan Rodriques. Anita was, of course, a child bride!

After the service, which was dedicated to them, it was time for a family picture. It took some time, but we finally got the whole group to hold still for a picture. Well, almost still.
The Cake!

It looks like Annie is saying, "Grab the cake and run, Chechi!" Well, they didn't do it. The cake got cut and everyone had a great time. The brothers harmonized on some old tunes for old times sake, and congratulations came from every side.

It is hard to imagine that it has been fifty years, when they look at each other like a just married couple.

Chechi and Annie both serve as elders at Community Presbyterian. Annie was a commissioner to the Presbyterian General Assembly in 1977. She is a native of Redlands and Chechi was born in Atwood, CA and moved to Redlands in 1937. They have three children, who participated in the service, and two grandchildren.
What's this? Annie has a new boyfriend on their anniversary? No, it's just Chechi transformed. Hmmm! There is a lot of resemblence.

Rev. Sylvia Karcher, Pastor

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