Community Presbyterian Fiesta 1999

The Theme was "Fiesta" as we had Enrique Romero a pastor of the National Presbyterian Church of Mexico and Marta Gonzales who works with the Health and Life Ministry in Mexico as guests from the Border Ministries' Church in Tijuana.. You may recognize the clowns. One is "Old What's His Name," and the other is Nancy. Also Rod and Denise boostCommunity to Mary Hammond-Cordero, Chair of the Mexican Border Ministries Council,

Liz and her gymnastics group from Gymnastics Etc. provided some entertainment before the eating began.
Pastor Sylvia socialized with church members and guests before the eating frenzy began.
Our guest pastor, Enrique Romero and Nurse Marta Gonzales of the Health and Life Ministry in Mexico took a moment of calm to have their picture taken. Che Chi in the background must be extolling Vivian and others with the excellence of his golf game.
Suddenly the hungry hoards descended on all that good homemade food.
Everyone settled down to enjoy their dinner after Bill Huntley led us in prayer. Bob noticed this picture was being taken and so posed. The others were oblivious.
Pat gets caught getting his third or fourth helping while Rev. Killpatrick, husband, and child in the background pretend not to notice.
Well, you can hold the computer artist down some of the time, but not all of the time. We had a Piñata for the kids, and they swung the mighty bat until it broke and the candy was on the ground. Of course Denise was one of the first ones to get her share. (Actually, the reason this photo was altered "artistically" with Photoshop is that it was too blurry to be used as it was.
Pastor Sylvia and "Old What's His Name" say a final farewell to our guests, Enrique and Marta, as the congregation slips away leaving the dirty dishes for the Karchers. ;-)

Rev. Sylvia Karcher, Pastor

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