Christmas Week 1999 with Community Presbyterian on the Move.

Christmas week saw members and friends of Community Presbyterian particpating in all kinds of activities. You can check out the combined Christmas celebration we had with the Inland Empire Presbyterian Fellowship by clicking here. Beyond that, there was the monthly S.H.A.R.E distrubiton on Saturday, December 18th and decoration of the tree at the church, and . . . Well, continue on down the page and you will see some scenes showing how time was spent with family and friends in rememberance of Jesus' birth.
On Tuesday, a group traveled to Tijuana where they were greet enthusiastically by the children of the Casa de la Experanza orphanage in Tijuana. Liz was almost wishing she were a kid again.

Of course Deacon Donna Cadwalleder had to really be coaxed to pose with these children. That was because she was enjoying herself with them so much, that she didn't want to take time out for a picture. You think she looks great in this picture, you should see her without her sunglasses. Of course the girls loved having their picture taken.

No, Pastor Sylvia didn't put this little one in a cage. It is a jungle gym, and he decided to have his picture taken there.

No matter what activity we are engaged in, when someone suggests stopping for something to eat or drink, you won't find many from Community Pres saying no. A bit of refreshment in restaurant, and then on to bigger and better things.

A trip on Wednesday to LA and Olvera Street for the Las Posadas Christmas pageant was an enriching experience. The old customs of Spanish LA take one back to a simpler time and provide a rich spritual experience.

We hope everyone had as Merry a Christmas and as happy a New Year as we did. If you missed out on some of the activities of Community Presbyterian, you can always join in next year and start the new millenium out right. (You'll be either at the end of the first year, the start of the second, or four years too late, but we won't get into that argument!)

Rev. Sylvia Karcher, Pastor

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