Summer Bible School in July of 1999

Getting Started! Looks like Pastor Sylvia is laying down the law and Donna will enforce it with a crutch.
The "older" ones had class with Donna. What do you suppose they did differently from the "younger" ones?
The "younger" ones got to work with Pastor Sylvia. We know they behaved. She is so frightening. ;-)
Without the Helpers it couldn't have been done. And they say teenagers aren't good people!
First Presbyterian teenagers volunteered to supervise the games. They also got to socialize with each other.
Why not supervise the games? They got to squirt the little kids under the guise of playing "Crossing the Red Sea." Seems like they got to spray the little ones with water every day. Could there have been a conspiracy?
The world is quite different when you can't see. This little exercise let the students learn to trust someone to keep them safe as they walked around the church and grounds.
Ruth ran the kitchen and prepared the materials for snacks. No wonder they chanted "Ruth, Ruth, Ruth" when she was busy in the kitchen during the closing.
In keeping with the theme of the week, the final project was for everyone to make a balloon with a basket on it. They were told to put two pieces of candy in the basket to keep the balloon from flying away.
A few didn't make it. Luckily there was still a couple of days till Sunday, so we could wait for them to sink to the floor.
The end of the last day was celebrated with a picnic. The parents joined the students for hotdogs and salad.
The parents also joined in the closing of Summer Bible School in the sanctuary.
With singing and a graduation certificate, we celebrated the end of a fun and profitable week. Hope everyone comes back again next year.

Rev. Sylvia Karcher, Pastor

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