Community Presbyterian 100th Anniversary

Gathering of old friends The place is full. 120! A new record The 5 pastors current and past and Caleb Wu of the IEPF.
Began coming over 50 years ago. Another over 50 year person. Over 60 years.
Joining in song. The ushers. The side room was also full.
Jan gives the children's sermon. David and the shortest attender. Former pastor reliving memories.
Passing the peace. Passing the peace. It is good to see Chuck! The Community and IEPF choirs.
The IEPF choir sang in Chinese. Jan delivers scripture. Caleb reads scripture.
Jan starts off the sermon, which is translated into Chinese. Sylvia ends the sermon, which was translated into Chinese. The benediction.
Those attending pose for a picture. The young people were early to the park for the picnic.
Of course they had to explore. Rosalie and Ev chat withCaroline Adams (Hudspeth) Great to have Pat back on his feet. Linda takes tood care of him.
Little impatience there, waiting on the food. What a scramble for food.